Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Hi there TJ fans,

Waaaayyyy back in February, when it was cold and blustery, Technique Junkies Stamps introduced these chicken stamps knowing that some of us were thinking about summer gardens and barnyard critters like CHICKENS...

...I love chickens...I don't own any, but our neighbors do (or did) and those neighborly chickens would come over and visit me.  They would help me pick bugs/grubs/worms in the garden while I weeded and would cluck and purr as we all worked together to make the garden prettier!  

There were thirteen of them and they visited every day....even coming to the front door to pay a daily visit.  They always made me happy when I saw them.

So, when Technique Junkies Stamps came out with the stamp set "Keep Chickens"  I knew I just had to have that in my collection.  You can too, if you'd like to, at a 10% discount.  Just use TJ10Cheri at check out. Done!  

Here's a card I made in tribute to my chicken neighbors.

Keep Chickens!!! They make you happy!!!!  

Don't forget to use my discount code to get this stamp set for yourself.  Grab some chicken happy for yourself.  


Olga Jewell said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Cheri- Very cute card!

Anonymous said...

Saw this cute card on Pinterest and wondered who did it. It doesn't leae details any more without clicking and I was on my phone so I don't tend to click for deets.

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