Monday, August 14, 2017


Hi there, 

I'm here with a helpful stamping tip for you instead of a project.  

Often times, especially with rubber stamps, it's difficult to decide just where you'd like an image on your project.  The stamp positioners, or MISTI  are wonderful tools, but in the case of being undecided as to where you'd like the image or sentiment, this is a great tip and comes in handy for me often.  

Shown in this photo are two pieces of packaging materials.  The one on the left is a sturdier piece of acrylic that came in something, while the one the right is a celophane package.  Both work equally well.  

I cut the pieces a little larger than an A2 card because that's the card size I usually make.  

You don't need the MISTI or stamp positioner for this step, but in the photo I used the MISTI because my cardstock was already in it.  

I placed the acrylic piece right on top of my CS and began placing my stamp around it while I decided where I might like the image to be.  

At this point, you can move the acrylic piece around and around the area of your CS and get a good idea of where it pleases you.  If you're using a MISTI, you can wipe the image off the acrylic piece, move the stamp and repeat the step.  

The same process applies to the sentiment.  It's a great way to get the right sentiment in the right place.  

When you're ready, just slide your acrylic off the CS and ink and stamp.  Finish as you'd like.  

The stamps I used here are RI# 3602-P "First Light" and RI# 3212-H "To Everything".  

I hope you like this little tip, it’s been helpful to me for many years and I hope it is for you.   

Have a happy day and I hope you get some craft time.  


Olga Jewell said...


Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Good idea for non- Misti folks. Wonderful card, Cheri!

Beth Norman said...

Great tip. I love your card. It is especially appropriate at this time as my fiance and I are headed to Canada's east coast on Wednesday, where there are lots of light houses. (we live in the middle of Canada -- Ontario).

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