Sunday, November 6, 2011

A November Visual of Purgatory

If any of you have poked around in my blogs in the past 6 months you may have seen previous photos of our little camp/cabin on Little Purgatory Pond in Maine.  Today my husband and a friend went out to do some clearing of the fire brush and chip up some piles of fallen limbs we've been collecting and piling up.  It was a beautiful much color and dimension to the shadows.  While we're at the very late stages of foliage here in Maine...I was astounded to see so many trees still holding on to their leaves and the colors...turns out, they're all oak...they are the last of the hard woods to let go.   

I found one baby oak accepting a long tall pine as his/her surrogate mom.....

Hope you enjoyed an afternoon in Purgatory!  

Thanks for stopping by!  



Carla S. said...

Gorgeous photos, Cheri! What a beautiful location! Glad you had nice weather!

Betty Benton said...

Your pictures are glorious! Thanks for letting us visit without having to do any of the work!!

Patti P. said...

Cheri, so glad you had a great weekend. I loved visiting through your pictures and hope to actually visit Maine in the flesh sometime. Tfs

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Beautiful photos, Cheri! Yep, there's nothing like a day at the lake!

Ina said...

Love the photos. Nice to see something so lovely from another country. Thanks SS
PS Am up in the tropical town of Cairns with family. Enjoying the beautiful weather.

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