Saturday, January 9, 2010

Something in Memory Of

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Today, I wanted to post something that I made a couple of years ago after I had to have my sweet dog, Cuddles, put down.  She had tumor on her lung and it was inoperable.  I still feel so sad about it because I miss her so much.  A week or so after her death, I found a wall hanging project idea in one of my craft magazines I decided to make one of Cuddles.  It was very comforting to make this project and I have it on the wall by my bed so when I get up each day, there she is, like she always was.

The papers were all scraps and pieces that I had around from other projects.  I kept the colors to green, pink and brown.  The message of the wall hanging is "A Love Beyond Measure".  I purchased 3 canvas panels (4X6) at Michaels and painted them with a sea green acrylic paint before adding the papers and the embellishments.   I added little screw eyes into the panels for connecting them together with scraps of ribbon and I added another longer length of ribbon for hanging the whole thing.  

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craftieodamae said...

ah, now you got me crying. I too have had to have one put down once, they are our babies and we will always love and miss them Thanks for sharing such an awesome project!!

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