Monday, February 1, 2016


Hi everyone, Cheri here with another easy peasy POTW for The House That Stamps Built.

This is a great way to get more from your stamps while creating something different and unique with them.  I'm sure there are other names for this technique, but for this one, I'm calling it "on the edge stamping".  

Here are the supplies you'll need:

Stamps of your choice, ink for stamping, ruler, scissors, card stock.  If you decide to color your images, you'll need your favorite coloring medium.  For my cards I used Copic Markes as well as colored ink.  

Step 1 - determine where you'd like your image to end on your card stock layer.  I choose 1/2 inch from the edge.  You will then lightly draw a line down the layer with a pencil.  Keep your pressure light so the mark is easy to erase.  

Step 2 - line up your stamp to overlap the penciled line and placed up against the cut edge of the card stock layer.  

Step 3 - Stamp your image as you'd like it to appear.   (I used a MISTI for my stamping.  It makes it easier if you have to re-stamp the image).

Step 4 - Color your image, then cut it out along the penciled line you have drawn on the card stock.  

Finally, finish your card as you'd like it.  For this card I kept my butterflies as a panel, however you'll notice on my second card, I cut the stamped edge and let it be a "border" on the card.  There are so many possibilities using this technique.  Stamps used for this card:  RI#9001-L "Butterfly (Lg)" and RI# 6103-J "Thinking Vertical" .

For this card, I stamped the heart images with colored ink before cutting them out to form the border.  RI#5118-H "Heart Sil Lg", RI#5132-D "Heart Sil sm" , RI# 3405-C "Random Hearts", RI# 1204-I "Love".

I hope you'll be give this a try and if you do, please share your link on our FaceBook Page.  


Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Very cool looking technique. I will try this soon!

Olga Jewell said...

Gorgeous,love the butterflies!

Ina G said...

Fabulous technique. Love the bright colours on your butterflies and the hearts are such a great touch.

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