Saturday, November 23, 2013


Happy weekend, blog friends!!! 

I'll be back later with a card posting, but this post is to spread the word about a little guy named Jonah who needs some cards. 

I subscribe to many blogs and read most of them....yeah, it takes me awhile to get through my mail, lol...and every once in awhile one captures my heart.  And so it was when I read Susan Raihala's blog this morning.  Please read it and see if you can also help her. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

When God Drops Something in Your Lap

This post appears on my other blog, Questioning my Intelligence, today, too. I hope you'll think about helping.

A few weeks ago, I posted on my stamping blog about keeping Christmas simple and asked readers to comment about their own plans for simplifying Christmas. One of the more than 50 comments stood out. Here's what a reader named Jane wrote:
Well -- on Sept. 28th my husband fell out of a tree while trying to help his 98 year old mother by trimming her trees. He broke 7 ribs in multiple places and his wrist. A week later we found out that our 4 year old grandson had a cancerous tumor on his kidney and within four days they removed his kidney and adrenal gland. After a second surgery for a bowel obstruction he is now starting chemo and radiation for his stage 3 cancer. So Christmas by necessity will be simple. The first thing I did was to give myself permission to not make my Christmas cards this year. So I have a good start on next year's cards! The other thing is to ask for help. So my son and his wife are coming tomorrow to help us decorate our Christmas trees. I think our simplest Christmas was the two years when we were missionaries in Africa.... we could not give or send cards or gifts... so it was very freeing. Yes we missed family terribly but the tension of the holidays was gone and the focus was where it should always be!

I asked Jane to send me her grandson's address so I could send him a Christmas card, and she did. I stared at that address for at least a minute without blinking. Then I prayed.

Seriously, God? What do You want me to do with this?

Because Jane's grandson, whose name is Jonah, lives ten minutes from me. Could this be a coincidence in the big, big world of the World Wide Web? Perhaps.

But probably not.

I believe God dropped information on my hurting neighbor in my lap, and as I prayed about what to do that might be useful, I realized Jane was my best guide.

Fortunately, Jane shared that Jonah's family is surrounded by the love and support of family, friends, and church. His mom, Molly, started a Facebook group for Jonah. You can read it HERE. Molly combines their daily experience with Jonah's cancer and an amazing witness for faith and leaning on God. Jonah and his parents are facing an unimaginably challenging situation with grace, courage, and generosity.

Most efforts I could make to help are unnecessary and would probably would feel intrusive. But card making brought me and Jane together, and card making feels like the best way to respond.

Because who doesn't love getting happy mail?

I'm asking my readers to shower Jonah and his family with cards for Christmas. Store-bought, hand-made...doesn't matter. If you have children, perhaps you could ask them to draw pictures or make cards for Jonah.

Let's shower Jonah in love and support as he fights this thing.

Email me at susanraihala at roadrunner dot com for my mailing address, or you can click here for an email link. I will collect all the cards and drop them on Jonah's doorstep periodically. If you choose to continue sending cards after the holidays, I'll keep delivering.

Sending cards is one small thing we can do to lift this family up. Another is to pray for them. If you pray, please add Jonah to your prayer list and to your church's prayer list.

God's grace, peace, love, and healing mercy are descending on this family in their time of trial. I'm so happy to be a small part of that. Will you join me?
I emailed Susan and asked her for her address so I could help out and now I'm also spreading the word.  I hope you can help out too. Here's the address to send cards:

c/o Susan Raihala
7430 Waterway Dr.
Waynesville, OH  45068
Thanks for stopping by and if you can, please spread the word for Susan and send Jonah some happy mail.


Barbara said...

You are amazing Cheri with a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing and giving us the opportunity to help in a way as card makers, we love doing.

Darcy Schroeder said...

Cheri, I am so happy to help make Jonah have a nice Christmas! When I told my two grandkids about Jonah, they each wanted to make something for him. My 3 year old colored a page from his coloring book and my 6 year old granddaughter made a snail for him out of Modeling Clay, colored in a stamped image for him and wrote him a letter that didn't really have much more to do with anything other than talking about the snail! But it warmed my heart to see my grandkids really want to reach out! And I'll send him a handmade card, also! (via Susan)
Blessings come in many unexpected ways! Hugs
Darcy, your SS sister

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