Monday, February 7, 2011

Glitter On My Nose

Tonight I've been making Valentine cards for my grandchildren and decided to add some Stickles for some pop and how did it end up on my nose???  Trust me, my nose doesn't need the attention.  I'll post photos of the cards (not my nose) on my blog later so you can see the glitz and glitter!  LOL.  

I wanted to post a card I made for the color challenge over at StampTV this week and talk about a toughie!  If you want a real color challenge go on over to StampTV and try this one.  

I've been playing with Melanie Munchinger's newest awesome stamp set called "Where Your Heart Is" and thought I'd try making this color palette work with it.  I came up with this card.

I love the vintage look on cards and so I wanted to try using these colors in that theme or style.  

Melanie is such a talented lady and her stamp sets have longevity - you'll use them over and over again.  This set has, as the focal stamp, two hands with fingers bending as in the shape of a heart.  I felt so honored when, before this set was released, Melanie gave me a sneak peak and asked me what I thought.  When I saw it, I instantly felt nostalgic. When my son was little, I would watch him get on the school bus and once he was seated on the bus, I would make this sign and he would smile and wave back at me through the window.  Sometimes, when he was in a funky blue mood, I would place this sign over my eye and look through it at him, it would always make him laugh.  

Anywho, as this card began to come together and it took on the vintage look, I thought about all the mothers throughout the centuries who have sent their children off to some kind of service in the world, whether it was off to war, off to work, off to school or off on their life's adventure.  A mother's heart will love you beyond forever and I hope this card reflects that.    

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Olga said...

Stunning card!!!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

It is really beautiful, Cheri! I love all the sentimental thought you have attached to it.

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Beautiful card, you did a great job with the color combo...glitter on you nose? Hmmm.....

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