Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Snow Stormy Day in Maine

The weather folks predicted we were going to get a good size snow storm today, but I don't think they realized how big it would be.  What first was thought to be a 5"-9" accumulation has turned out to be double that.  Our schools were closed today and although our office was open (or supposed to be), I left at 12:00.  It was a terrible drive home through white-out conditions.  I was grateful that there weren't many others on the roadway with me because visibility was zero at times.  Here's a photo I just took outside our front door.

And it's as cold as it looks!  Brrrrrr!

I hope you're all safe and warm wherever you are.
Time for a hot tea!


1 comment:

Lynette said...

I'm sure you were happy to be home after that drive! It looks very pretty:) We still haven't really had snow to speak of, here in Minnesota. A VERY unusual winter!

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